Games, Film and TV Music Composer


Music Composer/Producer/Drummer/Educator

Danny Donati, music composer for games, film and TV. His been composed and orchestrated for film such as : Vampiros (2004),Vasos de papel (2016),Sanky Panky 3 (2018),Domirriqueños (2015) from Eduardo Ortiz, Mi abuelo se quiere casar, La caja de problemas  from David Aponte.

He has BA in music performance from Interamerican Univesity of Puerto Rico and he study composition and music conduction at the Music Conservatory in Puerto Rico. He's been with the Orlando Film Festival as a audio panelist for the last two years.

Since 2008 he created the electronic music project known as “Dj Drummer” a visual dj concept where he remix and control diferent samplers and video in his computer using the electronic Drums. With this concept he was a in house musician in Univision Puerto Rico called : “Las Locas de Atar” for about two years. He has perform drums clinics in electronic music. 

Danny Donati He is an artist recognized by Ableton Live.