Film Composer/Producer


Music Composer/Producer/Dj Drummer/Educator


Since 2008 Danny Donati has created his own visual Dj Drummer solo project.

A visual dj concept where he produce, his music version from artist like Rihanna, David Guetta, One Republic, Calvin Haris, Alan Walkers and many others in EDM controlling in real time music, vocals and fx. in his computer using the electronic light Drums . Danny Donati creates all the elements in real time in a fusion of technologies that embrace the latest "soft synths" on his mac, giving him the flexibility to improvise live, taking you by surprise on an unforgettable ride. With this project, Donati  With this concept, Donati performs in different venues. He was the in house Dj in a talk show for Univision Puerto Rico called : “Las Locas de Atar” for about two years. He has performed drums clinics in percussion festival.

Danny Donati is an artist recognized by Ableton Live since 2008